Bela has worked at the BBC many times:

Five John Peel Radio 1 sessions (with Lianne Hall).

commissioned as a solo performer on Radio 3’s Late Junction (live broadcast from Latitude festival), and tracks aired on Mixing It.

Radio 4 live nature broadcast from London’s Natural History Museum, hosted by Rory Bremner with readings acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Angliss & Ensemble Bash’s Stephen Hiscock.


Sarah Angliss below:

Bela was part of a live music trio with composer and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Angliss for an acclaimed BBC Radio 4 live nature broadcast from London’s Natural History Museum, hosted by Rory Bremner with readings by Tamsin Grieg.

Released On: 15 Sep 2015
BBC RADIO 4: Natural Histories: The Big Story

“Lions, Sharks, Whales and Apes are four well known A-lister groups of animals that have got under our skin, enthralled us with their wildness and inspired literature, film, myth and legend. But so have Cockroaches and Fleas and the much lesser known Burbot and Mandrakes. Natural Histories has brought 25 groups of animals and plants together across 25 episodes to tell the stories of nature’s influences on human culture from across the globe.

The Big Story, a special live event presented by satirical comedian Rory Bremner and Natural Histories presenter Brett Westwood tells a story of the earth from Dinosaurs to people. With comedy, music, readings and discussion all held in the spectacular Hinze Hall of the Natural History Museum. We tell a uniquely Big Story of 100 million years’ worth of natural history.”

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