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My Coffin Shall Be Black – Elle Osborne Trio

With Bela Emerson

My Coffin Shall Be Black played by The Elle Osborne Trio at their first ever performance at The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton, England on 1st July 2012.

Adam Bushell – percussion
Elle Osborne –
violin and vocals
Bela Emerson

Bela Emerson @ Sonic Festival

 Lyon, France

Bela Emerson : Live at the Sonic Festival in Lyon, France

14 November 2008

Bela Emerson Live At Hunter’s Moon Festival

Live Performance

Bela Emerson at Hunter’s Moon Festival.

Live performance in St Georges Church, Carrick on Shannon, Co Leitrim, Ireland, Oct 30th 2011.

Bela Emerson Coachworks Gig

Sean Creed Radio

“Bela Emerson is a pioneering electric cellist who performs passionate, evocative and spontaneously-composed solo pieces using live processing. Her music harnesses many different genres whilst creating noiseworlds which are all her own. Bela’s performances are the stuff of legend: intense and exhilarating; her command of her instrument and ability to attune to the uniqueness of the moment combine to produce music that is remarkably different and always spellbinding.”

This event, at arts space Coachwerks (Brighton), was the only UK performance of a fully-improvised collaboration between Bela & live painter Carlos Vera (USA).

The audience were also invited to make their own visual interpretations of the performance, which were simultaneously projected onto the screen behind Bela.

 Bela Emerson – Devine 

(Same Actor Remix)

Music by Bela Emerson.

Video by wingingitVIDEOdept.

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